Best Free Web Hosting Services for 2021

These are the best free web hosting services for You in 2021


Need to bounce directly to the appropriate response? The best free webhost is Wix

So you need web facilitating, and you're on a tight spending plan. 

Free web hosts facilitating may appear to be a smart thought… be that as it may, there's a trick: Even the best free web facilitating just bodes well for a thin extent of sites. 

If you will maintain a business or fabricate an online presence you need to develop, I suggest paying for facilitating. The absolute best web facilitating administrations start at just $4/month. 

At the cost, you'll get expanded usefulness, greater dependability, and better client assistance. Its speculation I believe is awesome for pretty much every site. I additionally have a guide on the best modest facilitating plans, which is obviously superior to large numbers of free alternatives. 

Analyze The Best 6 Free Web Hosts 

1)Wix — Free web facilitating with lovely (and simple) web builder. 

2)Awardspace — The free facilitating plan incorporates one gig of capacity, a simplified site manufacturer, and a WordPress installer. 

3)Atspace — A ton like Awardspace, however with limitless transfer speed and every minute of every day client care. 

4)Freehostia — Fast velocities and client support in less than 60 minutes, yet minuscule stockpiling limits (250 MB plate space, 10MB information base stockpiling). 

5)Agilityhoster — A second place. More restricted stockpiling and data transfer capacity, and no simplified developer. 

6)Byethost — Skip it. Guarantees of limitless stockpiling, transfer speed, and locales in addition to 5 email accounts, yet so amateurish I'd pass. 

Teachers and philanthropies regularly fit the bill free of charge (or profoundly limited) facilitating by some really astounding suppliers. Hop here to understand more. 

We should survey the main six free webs has.

The 6 Best Free Web Hosts


Wix Provides one of the best free web hosting services

1)1 site, 500MB capacity, 500MB data transmission 

2)Wix promotions 

3)Appointed Wix area 

4)Simplified website builder 

Wix is a standout amongst other website builders out there. With their builder, they likewise offer free web hosting. 

Accordingly, it's one of our top choices. Truth be told, we prescribe them to any novice beginning with a blog or online business store. Their exceptionally natural UI makes it simple for anybody to make an appealing website to address their issues. 

What's more, they additionally accompany every minute of everyday client care. That is out and out fundamental with regards to hosting a website. 

Their contributions are restricted with regards to their free arrangement, however. Anticipate a large portion of the capacity and transfer speed of a portion of different contributions on this rundown. You additionally will not get a custom area and your site will have Wix advertisements all through it. 

Generally speaking, however, it's a top decision in case you're searching for nothing hosting. 

More Wix specs 

Online installments excluded, Google Analytics excluded. Begin with Wix at this moment. 


Awardspace provides 100% AD-free Webhosting

1)1 site, 1GB storage, 5GB bandwidth

2)No ads

3)Domain registration

4)Limited customer support ticketing, live chat, online documentation

Awardspace is notable for its phenomenal free web hosting. For over 10 years, they've given an incredible hosting administration. 

They stand apart for offering a full gig of capacity (more than numerous others). We actually addressed a rep at Awardspace and they said they likewise offer state-of-the-art renditions of PHP and MySQL. 

Awardspace additionally offers the Zacky simplified website builder, in addition to a simple to-utilize WordPress and Joomla installer. 

Note: If your site gets no traffic for a year, it will consequently be set to dormant. Following two additional long stretches of notification, it will be erased. 

More Awardspace specs 

PHP 7.2, MySQL 5.7, 30MB information base stockpiling, 1 email account, no SSL 


1)1 site, 1GB storage, unlimited bandwidth

2)No ads

3)Domain registration

4)Limited 24/7/365 customer support, live chat, limited ticketing, online documentation

Atspace has almost indistinguishable details to Awardspace. The distinction? Atspace offers limitless transfer speed (rather than Awardspace's 5GB) and a case of all-day, every-day/365 help. 

Burrowing further, however, Atspace records that help as "restricted all day, every day/365 help" so take that with a huge grain of salt. 

Atspace additionally utilizes the Zacky website builder and application installer for applications like WordPress and Joomla. 

More Atspace specs 

PHP 7.2, MySQL 5.7, 30MB data set stockpiling, 1 email account, no SSL 


Freehostia is also one of the best web hosting providers

1)5 sites, 250MB storage, 6MB bandwidth

2)No ads

3)Domain registration

4)24/7 customer support with 1-hour ticket response and online documentation

Freehostia offers free cloud hosting on its Chocolate plan. That implies it ought to be quicker than the majority of different alternatives on the rundown. 

Be that as it may, the Chocolate plan is additionally tiny: just 250MB of plate space and 10MB of data set stockpiling. Try not to hope to host a huge load of media on your website at any point shortly. 

All things considered, it incorporates a free self-marked SSL declaration, a site builder with free formats, and the guarantee of a reaction to help tickets in less than 60 minutes — basically inconceivable. 

On the off chance that you have a little sufficient site, the client care guarantee alone makes Freehostia a convincing pick. 

More Freehostia specs 

PHP 4/5/7, MySQL 5, 10MB data set stockpiling, 3 email accounts, self-marked SSL 


Agilityhoster provides easy to use tools and the greatest support

1)1 site, 1000MB storage, 5GB bandwidth

2)No ads

3)Domain registration

4)Limited ticketing, live chat, online documentation (24/7 customer support for system malfunctions only)

Agilityhoster's complementary plan is somewhat more modest than what's offered from Awardspace and Atspace: just 1000MB of capacity and one 20MB MySQL information base. It likewise does not have any kind of website builder, which is ideal to have however not really a major issue. 

It has a straightforward WordPress and Joomla installer to get you fully operational rapidly, however. Great choice if you need to get something up ASAP for as little as possible. 

A salesperson affirmed that it approaches date PHP and MySQL. 

More Agilityhoster specs 

PHP 7.2, MySQL 5.7, 20MB information base stockpiling, 1 email account, no SSL 


Byethost is the fastest free WebHost in the world

1)Unlimited sites, storage, and bandwidth

2)No ads

3)Domain registration

4)24/7 customer support and knowledge base

Byethost is by a wide margin the most liberal free web host with limitless locales, stockpiling, and data transmission; and five email accounts. It likewise gives a programmed SSL on all areas and incorporates a free site builder with layouts. 

All things considered, Byethost is one of the most un-proficient-looking hosts I took a gander at, with an ineffectively composed website and enough unclearness that I can't help thinking about how limitless its limitless contributions really are. Except if you think you need a great deal of data set space, I suggest going with an alternate free host. 

More Byethost specs 

PHP 5.4, 5.5, 5.6, 7.0; limitless information base stockpiling; 5 email accounts; self-marked SSL 

Free Hosting for Ecommerce Sites

Selling items through a website that is hosted for nothing isn't simple. I wouldn't have the option to rest around evening time if I didn't say this: in case you're not kidding about beginning a business on the web, you need to run your web-based business with Shopify. It's the solitary competitor in this space, and the membership cost is definitely justified. 

Most free destinations don't uphold web-based business, and when they do, the experience is quite restricted. 


1)Sell 1 product on the free plan

2)Custom domain costs an additional $24.95/year

I was, in reality, lovelily amazed to discover Strikingly, a website builder that additionally offers worked-in internet business on its free arrangement. 

The catch here is quite enormous: You'll be restricted to selling one single item, and you'll be restricted to utilizing a subdomain. Thus, it's an internet business however it's very no spot to construct an internet business. If that is the thing that you're doing, you should go to our aides How to Create an Ecommerce Website. You will love it. 

I affirmed with Strikingly support that if you need a custom area, you'll be paying for a membership. 

Even though selling just a single item on a subdomain is really restricting, it's uncommon to track down a free alternative that will allow you to sell anything by any stretch of the imagination. That is the reason I included it by any means. In any case, you definitely know how I feel about subdomains. (They are moment trust breakers for individuals who aren't now persuaded to purchase from you.) 

Free online stores are somewhat simpler to stop by. The distinction? Online stores are only the stores, without the extravagant accessories of an undeniable website. That implies no blog, no extra substance — just items.


Square provides you free e-commerce store

1)Intuitive manager, in addition to four adjustable subjects 

2)Supports custom space name 

3)Exchange charge: 2.9% + $0.30 

Square is a stalwart business that was initially most popular for its place of-sell Mastercard swipes found at each rancher market and specialty reasonable. Its free online store hosts limitless items and has nice usefulness. 

Square offers four adjustable layouts for its free online stores. 


Sell your products online through Ecwid

1)10 item limit 

2)Start Site upholds custom area name 

3)Exchange expense: Depends on installment supplier (Ecwid upholds 40 passages) 

Ecwid is a truly intriguing alternative. While it offers a free online store like Square (Ecwid considers it a "Starter Site"), Ecwid additionally offers a free online store gadget with code you can embed into essentially any stage your webpage is on from Wix to WordPress to Tumblr actually like you'd embed a YouTube video. That gadget additionally implies you sell all the while on numerous destinations. 

You can add an Ecwid online store to any website free of charge. 

The 2 Free Website Builders with Free Hosting 

1)Ucraft — If you simply need one page, Ucraft's one-page website builder will get you on the web and looking proficient for nothing with a custom space. 

2)Google Sites — Google is a free site builder that can host a custom area and is a decent decision for something basic like a wiki. 

Hands-down the least demanding route for a great many people to get a website going is utilizing a website builder, where you can relocate content squares and tinker around with adaptable formats. Most website builders are just free if you utilize a subdomain (for instance, our URL on a Wix subdomain would resemble:, which is a dealbreaker for any individual who needs to run an expert looking webpage. I don't care for it the slightest bit. 

I have incredible news, however. There are two builders that host websites for nothing and interface with a custom space. They are really straightforward and have restricted usefulness — however since very basic, restricted websites are the only ones I suggest hosting free of charge, that is not actually an issue. The two that meet these measures are Ucraft and Google Sites. 

If all you need is a very straightforward page — AKA the solitary sort of webpage that should run on a free host at any rate — I suggest you attempt a free website builder that hosts custom spaces, as Ucraft or Google Sites. 

Plan limits are likely the greatest disadvantage to utilizing a free website builder. On the off chance that the formats accessible on Ucraft and Google Sites aren't what you've imagined for your webpage, the following most straightforward free alternative is to track down a free layout you like and pair it with a free web host. I might be continuing on pointlessly, yet the best web hosting administrations aren't unreasonably costly. We're talking around $4/month for the underlying agreement. I think the value more than pays for itself in client support, security, and speed. 

Ucraft Review 

1)Intuitive builder, in addition to adaptable formats (even though you can't refresh textual styles) 

2)Single page 

3)Supports custom area 

4)Ucraft advertisement glides in the base right corner 

5)Redesign for limitless pages, more customization, and no promotions for $6/month 

6)Online business usefulness begins at $14/month 

Ucraft has a free arrangement for a solitary page website that is worked with what it calls "components." A component is an individual piece of substance: a title, a book block, a video, a picture, a picture display, a catch. Ucraft's complimentary plan upholds up to 50 essential components so that a solitary page website can hold a good measure of substance — simply nothing excessively awesome. 

A "Fueled by UCRAFT" promotion drifts in the base right corner of all free Ucraft websites. 

Google Sites Review 

1)Simplified builder, in addition to restricted adjustable subjects 

2)Limitless capacity 

3)Supports custom space \

4)Google Sites advertisement in footer 

5Incorporates with Gmail 

6)There are no redesign alternatives — this is everything 

Google Sites is your other choice for a very basic free site. What's more, when I say "very straightforward," I would not joke about this. There are just six adaptations of a similar format to look over, and a set number of designs to work in. It's really fundamental. Truth be told, loads of Google Sites are utilized for fundamental things like inner wikis. 

Google Sites offers one essential layout in six basic topics. 

All things considered, Google Sites hosts however many pages you need at no expense. It associates with your custom space. It coordinates with each and every other Google administration, similar to Docs, Forms, and Slides. Also, it's irrationally easy to utilize, particularly in case you're accustomed to working in Google items. On the off chance that you as of now have a Google account, or are paying for GSuite for email hosting (which I wholeheartedly suggest), it's an easy decision. 

Free Web Hosting Alternatives for Subdomain Sites 

In case you're OK with a subdomain (instead of a custom space) your choices for nothing hosting increment. That is because loads of incredible website builders offer freemium renditions of their foundation when you utilize a subdomain — for instance, our URL would be or 

Clearly, a subdomain comes up short on the demonstrable skill of a custom area, and free forms of any website builder item or stage will in general be really stripped down. In any case, in case you're keen on dispatching content rapidly, subdomains offer an extremely low boundary of passage. Most can dispatch in only a couple minutes. Far and away superior, if you imagine a more strong web presence, later on, beginning free of charge on the stage you at last need to utilize implies you'll have all that generally assembled. You'll simply have to redesign. 

At the free level, these 3 are quite tantamount. They've all got a variety of free layouts or subjects, a simple to-utilize editorial manager, restricted capacity, and promotions for their administration drifting close to the footer or in a base corner of the site. On the off chance that you may at last move up to a paid arrangement, look at our survey of website builders. I delve into significantly more detail than I do here. 


1)Intuitive builder, in addition to formats 

2)500MB capacity 

3) subdomain ( 

4)Shows Weebly advertisements 

5)Update for custom space, no advertisements, and online business usefulness: begins at $8/month 

The free form of Weebly incorporates advertisements and a Weebly subdomain. You'll be restricted to 500MB of capacity, yet will have the full simplified builder in addition to formats. You can generally begin with the free form and redesign later, however, Weebly's advertisements are quite self-evident. 


1)Simplified builder, in addition to layouts 

2)500MB capacity 

3)500MB transmission capacity 

4)Wix subdomain ( 

5)Showcases Wix advertisements 

6)Update for custom space, no advertisements, and online business usefulness: begins at $11/month 

Wix's free arrangement is a great deal like Weebly's — you'll get 500MB of capacity and an intuitive builder with layouts. Be that as it may, you'll finance your free arrangement with promotions and perhaps the most egregious subdomains out there, You have the choice to begin free of charge and update sometime in the not too distant future. 

1)Browse free subjects 

2)3GB capacity 

3)Limitless data transfer capacity 

4) subdomain ( 

5)Presentations WordPress promotions 

6)Redesign for the customs area and no promotions: begins at $4/month 

I love WordPress, yet ordinarily suggest individuals go with, oneself hosted rendition. The completely hosted adaptation has a free subdomain plan with free subjects, however, you'll utilize a subdomain and showing WordPress advertisements. It'll be $4 every month to dispose of those components, or about the cost of probably the best web hosts. I believe it's smarter to go to oneself hosted course by then. 

Recap: The Best Free Web Hosting (If It Makes Sense for You) 

In case you're after free web hosting, you may truly need the straightforwardness and simplicity of a free website builder. I'm dazzled with both Ucraft and Google Sites which give simple to utilize simplified layouts and backing custom spaces. Indeed, you'll be restricted in plan and there will be some kind of "Controlled by" advertisement in the footer on both. If those are major issues, you likely need web hosting. 

Any free host will have comparative downsides: restricted capacity and transfer speed, the potential for spam-hailing email, and restricted client service. Go with Awardspace for more stockpiling (1GB), Atspace for every minute of every day/365 assistance, or Freehostia if your site is tiny (under 250MB)

if you find it useful then let us know in the comment section


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