Top 5 Best Project Management Tools For 2021

 Best Project Management Tools 

The correct project management Tools can stamp the distinction between effectively conveying one astonishing project after another or staggering through each new undertaking while your group forgets about what's significant. 

To ensure you don't turn out to be essential for the previous you need the best project management device you can get a grip of. This way you're generally on top of cutoff times, updates, project courses of events, and all your KPIs are represented. 

On the off chance that your group needs a project management solution and quick, this guide strolls you through the most ideal alternatives out there and what they have to bring to the table. 

We should make a plunge. 

The Top 5 Best Project Management Tools 

  • ClickUp – Best for hyper customization
  • Cooperation – Best for Remote project management 
  • Trello – Best free project Manager 
  • Wrike – Best for item advancement 
  • Smartsheet – Best for work process management 

Peruse on to realize which project management device can assist you with getting sorted out your projects with the correct highlights and value point. 

#1 – ClickUp — Best For Hyper Customization 

You can consider ClickUp like you'd consider playdoh: profoundly pliant and ready to be tweaked to meet pretty much any project management need possible. In addition to the fact that it offers all the essential Project  management, objective following, project perspectives, updates, and computerizations you could want, it additionally consistently coordinates with more than 1,000 applications. 

With ClickUp you can ideate, plan, work together on, and track any project whether you're dealing with a far off group or a venture grade project that needs cooperation across different groups in-house. 

Get Free Project Management Tool With ClickUp

ClickUp makes it simple to make outwardly engaging work processes with shading coded segments that you can see in excess of ten adaptable perspectives. You can see every one of the moving pieces of any project on one dashboard and take a gander at your time limitations with its worldwide clock and point by point report highlights. 

Without a doubt, a particularly flexible instrument like ClickUp can accompany somewhat of an expectation to learn and adapt. You'll need to consider this when you're pondering onboarding your group, and any time requirements and space for learning you may require. Fortunately, ClickUp offers a lot of aides, formats, and surprisingly one-on-one instructing that makes the onboarding cycle simpler. 

One of my number one things about ClickUp isn't exactly how adjustable it is, yet how moderate it tends to be for groups running on a careful spending plan: 

  • Free Forever 
  • Limitless – $5/part each month 
  • Business – $9/part each month 
  • Venture – Contact deals for estimating 

As a little group overseeing projects on a tight spending plan, ClickUp's Free and Unlimited levels are extraordinary beginning stages for understanding every one of your projects. 

Greater groups can generally exploit the $9 per seat each month level with highlights including progressed time following, Google SSO, just as private perspectives. 

Trench the overpower and manageable the tumult: Get begun with ClickUp here. 

#2 – Teamwork — Best For Remote Project Management 

You might've gotten it by the name, yet Teamwork permits your group to do precisely that: fill in collectively. This is particularly obvious in case you're overseeing projects distantly. 

Teamwork is an easy to use Project Management tool

With it, you can be certain you'll have the option to deal with different projects with layouts, a lot of shading coded board perspectives, and Project  management tools. You can get explicit on what you track for each project, and oversee security settings on a huge or limited scope. In a hurry work is made simple with its iOS and Android application. 

Notwithstanding, Teamwork doesn't simply leave you to your own gadgets once you begin utilizing the apparatus. It offers a lot of Teamwork books and advisers for guarantee your far off group is taking advantage of it as they work to deliver each project. Achievements, contacts, notices, and schedules are a look away on a concentrated dashboard that is effectively open to everybody ready. 

Likely perhaps the most noticeable highlights of Teamwork as a powerful far off project management arrangement is its discretionary talk application. Despite the fact that it's additional independently, with it you're ready to examine projects and any task inquiries in a coordinated way including the capacity to moment video visit with a single tick. 

With distant project management, consistent correspondence is significant to acceptable work—and Teamwork doesn't miss the mark there. 

Cooperation offers a consistently free form, just as three paid plans: 

  • Free Forever 
  • Expert – $10 a client a month charged every year 
  • Premium – $18 a client a month charged yearly
  • Endeavor – Contact deals for more data 

I like that Teamwork has a Free Forever plan. It's extraordinary for little groups attempting to understand their developing program of projects. In any case, for full usefulness and highlights that can assist your group with getting a higher level, you're in an ideal situation taking a gander at its Premium level, beginning at $18 per client each month. 

The Premium level permits you to oversee up to 600 projects and considers up to 250 GB of capacity. You'll likewise approach progressed project management and all reconciliations. 

With Teamwork, you can discard the miscommunication and stress and embrace a more brilliant far off work process. Begin dealing with your projects better here. 

#3 – Trello — Best Free Project Manager 

Trello is a strong free project management tool, particularly in the event that you work with more direct projects. It makes it simple to team up and oversee projects easily through sheets, records, and cards. 

The best part is, the more your group develops the more highlights you can add as you go. Gatherings, projects, occasions, and group objectives would all be able to be coordinated and chipped away at in a methodical way without the should spend on expenses per seat that can accumulate over the long haul in case you're a more modest group. 

Trello is a strong Free Project Management Tool

With Trello, the key cycle depends on records and cards. When a card or project loaded up with all your project particulars is done, you can move it to the following period of your work process and add any remarks, notes, notices, agendas, due dates, or connections you may require. 

You can likewise utilize Trello's head servant or computerization includes that guarantee you're not squandering energy on monotonous assignments that could be robotized and working behind the scenes. To put it plainly, Trello is the device that gets each partner your project together in a coordinated environment. 

  • Free for people and groups 
  • Business Class – $10/client each month 
  • Endeavor – Contact Sales 

Trello's free alternative accompanies limitless cards, the capacity to add a limitless measure of individuals, and you can amount to 10 sheets. You likewise get limitless capacity and up to 50 robotized orders each month. The free alternative even permits you to utilize Trello in a hurry with iOS and Android portable applications. 

When you're prepared to proceed onward to its paid plans, Business Class begins at $10 per client each month with extra limitless utilization of sheets, catalysts, sees, and progressed agendas, just to give some examples. 

Unite everything and begin delivering projects with productivity with Trello here. 

#4 – Wrike — Best For Product Development 

Item engineers, meet your new dearest companion: Wrike. 

As an item engineer, overseeing projects proficiently is a major duty and a major piece of your everyday work process. On the off chance that you can discover an instrument that is ready to abbreviate your group's excursion from idea to fruition at that point you're now on top of things. Also, that is the place where Wrike fits in flawlessly. 

Best Project Management Tools for Engineers

Basically, you can consider Wrike as far as speed increase, amplification, and centralization. More than 400 combinations and cooperation tools that help you work across storehouses and abbreviate your endorsement cycle are just a portion of the advantages Wrike offers. 

Movable Gantt graphs empower you to picture cutoff times and course right if any piece of your project work process isn't acceptable. Remaining on time is vital for amplifying execution. To assist with this, Wrike empowers you to check your accessible assets with burndown outlines before you allot your project responsibility to guarantee you can begin and complete each project on schedule. 

The free arrangement can oblige up to five clients. Groups bigger than that can browse one of three paid plans: 

  • Free – For up to 5 clients 
  • Proficient (5-200 clients) – $9.80/client each month 
  • Business (5-200 clients) – $24.80/client each month 
  • Venture – Contact their outreach group for additional 

#5 – Smartsheet—Best For Project Workflow Management 

It's been said that project management programming's greatest contest is the exemplary Excel sheet. Smartsheet takes that and goes for it to give you a work process management experience on steroids. 

Best For project Workflow management

Smartsheet places the wheel in your grasp when you're ideating a project management work process that will work for your group. 

When you have a consistent project management work process set up, you'll be better ready to catch, oversee, plan, and report on work regardless of where your group is working from. 

Not simply that, Smartsheet accompanies prepared to-utilize formats you can use to transport work quicker. This incorporates layouts for advertising effort management to project plan management, or formats to monitor chief executive gatherings. Contrasted with how expensive other project management arrangements available can be, Smartsheet's arrangements start as low as $14 every month. 

  • Individual – $14 each month 
  • Business – $25 per client each month 

The most effective method to Find The Best Project Management Tool For You 

So how precisely do you approach picking the best project management apparatus for you with accuracy? All things considered, it relies upon a couple of variables that are to a great extent dependent on what your drawn out project management objectives are and how your group functions best. 

Project management appears to be unique for each group. The assignments an inventive office needs to gauge and oversee won't be similar errands a business dealing with a field administration group should represent. This is a result of this that you need to make a rundown of non-debatable highlights a project management instrument should have for your group to have the option to send function as effectively as could be expected. 

Some project management tools are just rigorously that, while others are crossover frameworks with tools for client relationship management and work management also. You'll need to choose which instrument would work best with your current work process. Remember some project management tools can be modified with a lot of reconciliations so you can form them to your particular necessities. Past that, here are a couple of more interesting points. 

Intricacy and onboarding measure 

The absolute best project management tools out there are instinctive and simple to utilize. This straightforwardly means less time onboarding your group and additional time chipping away at assignments with higher ROI. 

Consider the degree of intricacy of your projects and the tools that would make the interaction beginning to end simpler. The greater your group and the more intricate your projects, the more powerful your project management instrument should be. 

Consider this will likewise mean additional time learning the device, and perhaps making an onboarding cycle for new colleagues. On the off chance that you handle moderately simple projects consistently, you probably won't require powerful tools like Wrike or a high level Smartsheet plan. 

Remote work tools 

Despite the fact that distant work isn't new, it's digging in for the long haul and it's more normal than any time in recent memory. While picking a project management device, you'll need to think about your far off colleagues and if there are any highlights that help them in finishing their errands and arriving at their day by day objectives. 

Far off work tools facilitate the way toward speaking with colleagues who aren't in and out of the workplace. This, thusly, makes project fruition a lot quicker interaction. 


Some project management tools are profoundly adaptable (think ClickUp) while others are more unbending in what they should or shouldn't do, and what applications they coordinate with. 

How far would you say you are ready to alter notices? Would you be able to set explicit boundaries for shareable reports? Is it true that you are ready to keep tabs on your development progressively? Are these the key pointers that matter for the sort of projects you oversee? 

These are a portion of the inquiries worth posing to when you're investigating potential project management tools that go past the essentials of what a project administrator should do. 


On the off chance that you've made it right down here, one thing has been clarified: you have a lot of choices. The inquiry is settling on a last decision on the correct apparatus. 

To revive your memory. Here's a fast recap. Assuming you believe you will require a high adjustable project administrator, I profoundly recommend you start with ClickUp. Presently, in case you're amidst dealing with a distant group that requirements to keep steady over each errand then Teamwork is the best approach. 

Trello is a stunning free choice for more modest groups on a tight spending plan or that are simply getting their beginning. Is it true that you are an item engineer with a group that necessities to deliver quality outcomes? Think about Wrike as a commendable alternative. Assuming work process management is at the highest point of your requirements list, go with an instrument like Smartsheet.

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