40 Best Digital Marketing Sites That Accept Free Guest Posting

 Need to assemble yourself a name in the digital marketing industry? Here are the main 40 digital marketing online Blogs that acknowledge Guest posting. 

Would you like to construct yourself a name in the digital marketing industry however don't have the foggiest idea where to begin? 

Guest posting is a genuine method to get yourself perceived. In addition, there's no lack of digital marketing websites work in any subject you're keen on. 

In case you're creating quality content, your odds of turning into a distributed creator are quite high. 

So, novices in guest publishing content to a blog don't generally have a clue where to pitch their commitments. 

In case you're one of them, here's the rundown of the best 40 digital marketing online blogs that acknowledge guest posting. Above all, we should sort out some way to compose a triumphant pitch. 

Instructions to Make Your Pitch Truly Irresistible 

You may think you have all that it takes to win the editor's heart. Yet, in all actuality they get many solicitations like yours in one day. 

You don't need your message to get shipped off the Trash envelope. 

What you need to stand apart is a decent pitch. The following are a couple of tips on the most proficient method to make one. 

Customize on All Possible Levels 

What's the significance here to you? 

Referencing the name of the recipient is presumably the primary thing that flies into your head. Notwithstanding, you need to do undeniably something beyond call the manager by name. 

Prior to sending your pitch, ensure you have the right contacts. Regardless of whether you get the editorial manager's email straightforwardly from the blog's site, I actually suggest twofold really taking a look at it on LinkedIn. 

Talking about LinkedIn, while you're visiting the editor's record, look at their action: Read their latest posts, find out with regards to their inclinations. 

Perceive how you can make your pitch more pertinent to that person. 

Get Your Work done 

Editors get many guest post demands a day, and a great deal of them are totally out there — they're insignificant, excessively obscure, and so forth 

You need to do a little examination and dive further into the blog to discover a theme that would enamor the proofreader's consideration. 

Start by perusing the rules cautiously and picking the theme thoughts interweaved with the blog's latest posts. While you're grinding away, check whether your skill fits the blog's necessities. 

Another incredible stunt is a content gap analysis to missing content and openings in the blog's current weapons store. 

You can do a fast content gap examination through Ahrefs. Examination the contenders of the site you need to add to, peruse and think about the keyword every one of them rank for. 

Then, select the catchphrases that contenders rank for and the blog doesn't, and pitch related themes to the manager. 

In the model underneath, you can see that Moz doesn't rank well for a portion of the watchwords which Semrush and Ahrefs utilize all the more regularly: 

Content gap analysis of Ahref

Utilize the consequences of this analysis to make a really persuading pitch by explaining to the editor exactly how and why your commitment will improve their blog. 

Continuously Add a Few Different Topics 

A decent guideline is to consistently present somewhere around a few themes identified with the blog's topic. Thusly, you can demonstrate you've done some burrowing and build the possibilities the editor will single out your pitch among the horde of others. 

Remember to ask the editorial manager for their theme suggestions, also. All things considered, nobody knows the blog better. 

Attach Your Portfolio 

Show the proofreader what you bring to the table by including a connection to your portfolio, or if nothing else a couple of significant instances of your work. 

Presently, it's conceivable that you're simply beginning your copywriting profession and don't have the rundown of distributed visitor presents on parade. 

If so, check an individual blog out. It's an incredible chance to grow your composing portfolio and grandstand your aptitude. 

What's the Best Way to Connect With an Editor? 

Your smartest choice is to interface with a proofreader through informal communities, undoubtedly. 

Start by enjoying, remarking, and sharing their posts. In the interim, watch out for the themes they cover – it will give you an indicate what the editor may anticipate from you. 

On the off chance that you don't have the foggiest idea where to search for a editor to interface with, take a stab at looking for bunches on informal communities. For example, you can join the B2B Bloggers Boost Group on Facebook. 

45 Blogs That Accept Guest Posts About Digital Marketing 

Which first rate digital marketing websites acknowledge guest posting commitments? 

Here, you'll find out with regards to the idea of these online journals, the points they cover, and the rules to follow in case you're keen on composition for them. 

1. woorise

What They Want 

They're searching for posts that cover invigorating and pragmatic points of lead age and digital marketing. 


Check their past presents cautiously on try not to pitch points that they've effectively distributed. Likewise, remember to peruse their rules to keep away from dismissal and burning through your time. 

2. OnCrawl 

What They Want 

These bloggers expound on specialized SEO like slither spending plans and website speed streamlining. On the off chance that you know some things in specialized SEO, this is an incredible spot to pitch your post. 


Rebecca Barbel will be the perfect individual to discuss a visitor post commitment. 

3. SingleGrain 

What They Want 

SingleGrain is probably the best pick in case you're keen on composition on the accompanying themes: 

  • SEO and internet  marketing. 
  • PPC promoting. 
  • Paid social promoting and web-based media marketing. 
  • Content marketing. 
  • Sales funnel and conversion optimization. 
  • Amazon publicizing. 
  • Online business. 

The organization's blog additionally contains a lot of correlation and instrument versus apparatus articles, just as master round-ups. 

Note: It can require a couple of months to get highlighted on this blog since it is amazingly famous among visitor givers. 

4. VentureBeat 

What They Want 

VentureBeat acknowledges pitches and full drafts on news, drifts, and arising innovations. Focus on 600 – 1,200 words while presenting a draft. 

Despite the fact that their visitor post accommodation rules express that they are for the most part searching for stories on information tech and procedure, they do have classifications for marketing and media on the site. 


You ought to hear back in one to three work days if your post is acknowledged. Else, you'll need to attempt another pitch. 

5. MarketingProfs 

What They Want 

MarketingProfs acknowledges visitor posts on big business B2B marketing. Posts ought to be 800 – 1,000 words, not surpassing 1,200. 

Posts ought to be sent as Microsoft Word record connections, not PDF or Google Docs. Hope to hear back inside possibly 14 days if your post is acknowledged. 


In spite of the fact that you'll hear back sooner, the line is commonly three to four months in length, so don't submit content you need to be distributed rapidly. 

6. Business 2 Community 

What They Want 

Business 2 Community likes things that are newsworthy. For example, your musings on another Twitter include or an update to Facebook Ads. 

They generally request possibilities to share past examples from your work, so be prepared to give a portfolio. 

7. Serpstat 

What They Want 

Serpstat is developing its local area, so they will be keen on materials that will assist them with associating with other powerhouses. 


For your joint effort to be gainful together, you'll must offer something as a trade off. 

For instance, assist with their web-based media and focus on what they share. 

Solely after that association will it bode well to begin pitching. 

Additionally, remember to actually look at their blog's rules. 

8. HubSpot 

What They Want 

HubSpot has four web journals you can add to: Marketing, Sales, Service, and Website. 

For every one of these subjects, the asset acknowledges the accompanying post sorts: 

  • Examinations. 
  • Logical posts
  • Canonical posts (top to bottom aides).
  • Visuals (infographics, information diagrams).


HubSpot is a troublesome spot to get into, regardless of whether you have a remarkable portfolio. 

I would suggest sharing and remarking on publication articles from the blog. It's likewise a good thought to connection to probably HubSpot's most recent article in your visitor post. 

In case you're searching for associations, Meg Prater is the individual you need. 

9.  blogging Wizard 

What They Want 

Guides and how-tos should function. 


Adam Connell will be the ideal individual to discuss your next visitor commitment. 

10. Ahrefs 

What They Want 

Ahrefs has a famous blog, so they are particular with regards to what they distribute. That implies 100% unique , interesting procedures, and reasonable points. 

In case you're an aficionado of the instrument, your odds of being acknowledged are significantly higher. 


Random selling will not likely get you a spot on their publication schedule. 

With a blog like this, you'll need to assemble a relationship first, beginning with remarking, running conversations on their Facebook bunch – Ahrefs Insider. 

11. Mention

What They Want 

Mention is a social tuning in and brand observing apparatus. Its blog addresses different digital marketing themes, yet the fundamental spotlight is on patterns and web-based media. 

You can discover a ton of information in their visitor posting rules. 


Rather than keeping in touch with a conventional email, you can interface with Mention's editor straightforwardly on Twitter or LinkedIn

12. Advanced Web Ranking 

What They Want 

Advanced Web Ranking is a position following arrangement. Normally, its blog is loaded up with guides, bullet point articles, and master round-ups on the most recent SEO patterns. 


AWR cherishes new information, so fill your posts with screen captures, infographics, and other visual guides. In the event that you have an example of overcoming adversity to tell, your commitment will be highly valued. 

For visitor posts, you can contact Eugen Oprea, who's a substance director there. 

13. Jeff Bullas' Blog 

What They Want 

Jeff Bullas is keen on 100% unique material that will not include any self-advancement. 

Additionally, in the rules, they suggest pitching at least three subjects. 

This expands the chances that you'll be acknowledged on the grounds that there are more possibilities they will like one of your thoughts. 


To stick out and increment your odds of getting a reaction of, "Indeed, we're keen on your point," I suggest conceptualizing innovative titles. 

For example, one of their posts is named "How To Jazz Up Your Emails With Rich Media (Inspiration From Brands That Are Nailing It)." 

14. Shane Barker 

What They Want 

Shane Barker's blog is about digital marketing, with an attention on SEO and powerhouse marketing. Whenever composed well, a post on anything around these points ought to be a solid match. 


Barker does customary gatherings, and this may be your opportunity to get in. 

For additional visitor post data, actually take a look at the site's rules. 

15. BuzzSumo 

What They Want 

BuzzSumo represents considerable authority in content marketing, yet you can attempt to press in with a convergence between content marketing and SEO. 

Video marketing and Digital PR is likewise a functioning point. 


Louise Linehan is a substance director at BuzzSumo, so she's the best individual to take in additional with regards to visitor commitments from. 

BuzzSumo contains many articles with examples of overcoming adversity. On the off chance that you have one to tell, certainly take the plunge. 

16. Einstein Marketer 

What They Want 

The vital themes in this blog are SEO and SMM, and how they cooperate. Web optimization for WordPress will likewise be a solid match. 


Have a go at sending your pitch straightforwardly to Josh Barney. 

17. Harvard Business Review 

What They Want 

HBR acknowledges visitor posts on technique, initiative, authoritative change, variety and incorporation, development, dynamic, marketing, profession advances, balance between fun and serious activities, and overseeing groups. 

The five components they search for in a donor piece are aptitude, proof, creativity, handiness, and convincingness. 


HBR cautions that it might require half a month to audit spontaneous substance entries. 

18.Rank Ranger 

What They Want 

Rank Ranger is a SEO arrangement assisting organizations with developing natural traffic and screen their positioning in SERPs. 

The site's blog is loaded up with helpful SEO bits of knowledge, master round-ups, insights, and guides. On the off chance that you have something to contribute around there, this is your possibility. 


You can incorporate a long-lasting do-follow connection to your site or an online media account, which is a magnificent expert development opportunity. 

As a general rule, Rank Ranger acknowledges visitor posts about SEO, web enhancement, and internet marketing, yet ensure you actually take a look at the rules prior to sending a pitch. 

19. Wordable.io 

What They Want 

Wordable.io is a substance marketing instrument assisting brands with transferring presents on any site in mass without investing a lot of energy in altering. 

The site acknowledges articles on points including writing for a blog, content marketing, CMS, and usefulness for content advertisers. 


Editors at Wordable.io favor articles upheld by exploration and information. Your pitch will possibly win on the off chance that you clarify the curiosity of your visitor post and the worth it will convey. 

Wordable.io is available to all visitor post commitments, yet ensure you keep the rules. 

20. Getresponse 

What They Want 

Getresponse is tied in with marketing robotization. 

On the off chance that you have anything to share about email marketing, site fabricating, and improving change pipes, it's an ideal blog for you. 


Getresponse cherishes genuine models, so ensure you add a lot to your visitor post. Remember to add some new examinations to your article. 

Overall, a visitor post ought to have 1300+ words and present inside and out investigation into the subject. On the off chance that you have something to that effect to bring to the table, present your pitch utilizing this connection. 

You can likewise converse with Michal Leszczynski, who's the manager at Getresponse. 

21. Mangools 

What They Want 

Mangools offers an incredible arrangement of SEO apparatuses that incorporate watchword research, backlink and contender examination, and position following. 

Take a stab at pitching them bit by bit guides and contextual investigations. 

Have your or your customer's site essentially expanded natural traffic? 

In the event that the appropriate response is indeed, that is the right story to expound on for the Mangools blog. 


Remember to really look at their blog rules to acquire a superior comprehension of what they're searching for. 

The best individual to talk about your conceivable commitment will be Maros Kortis. 

22. CXL 

What They Want 

At first, CXL was exclusively about CRO subjects yet that time has elapsed. 

As of now, they expound on in a real sense anything that assists organizations with arriving at better outcomes. 

You need to recall that CXL just acknowledges amazingly elegantly composed substance that goes more than 2,000 words. 


Discover more subtleties in the CXL blog rules. 

23. Linkody 

What They Want 

Linkody blog is searching for posts inside a SEO specialty. 

In the event that SEO is your meat and potatoes, you ought to think about this blog. 

Additionally, they need very extensive posts that go more than 2,000 words. 


Get familiar with Linkody supporter rules on this page. 

Since they're a third party referencing device, centering there will help your pitch stick out. 

24. Compose.ly 

What They Want 

Compose.ly includes posts that cover a wide range of content marketing subjects. 

Beginning from content creation and advancement and winding up with copywriting and SEO tips. 


This blog permits to pitch posts that beginning from 1,000 words. 

Here is a connection to their compose for us page. 

25. Site Promoter 

What They Want 

Site Promoter blog permits expounding on a serious wide scope of points. 

Try not to be hesitant to pitch anything that discussions about digital marketing, including development hacking and brand the executives. 


You contribute posts on PPC, SEO, Email Marketing, and even disconnected marketing subjects. 

Where to contribute? 

Visit the "Compose for us" segment. 

26. Adzooma 

What They Want 

Adzooma is a promoting stage. Organizations use it to run Google, Microsoft, and Facebook promotions. 

On the off chance that you know some things in digital promoting, your commitment will be highly valued. 


In case you're maintaining a private company, Adzooma is an extraordinary stage to give your internet based perceivability a lift. 

It's additionally your opportunity to fabricate expert in your industry. 

Prior to contributing a blog entry, ensure you get to know the rules. 

27. Chanty 

What They Want 

Chanty is an Al-fueled chatbot that assists you with remaining associated with your group and work all the more proficiently. 

In view of their blog rules, you should be prepared to pitch them a subject that will be associated with correspondence, joint effort, or efficiency. 

On the off chance that you've gotten an opportunity to work in your group's efficiency, Chanty will be the ideal spot to recount this story. 


Chanty has a different page to send your pitches before you contribute your opportunity to compose the entire post. 

Pitch them 2-3 title choices before you contribute. 

The blog acknowledges articles of 1,000 to 2,000 words long. 

Focus on the manner of speaking in as of now distributed pieces and read the essayist's rules completely. 

You can likewise contact Anastasia Matveyeva straightforwardly. 

28. Prowly 

What They Want 

Prowly is a PR programming that assists you with further developing your image's media inclusion. 

On their blog, they expound on everything identified with digital PR, remembering tips for building media records, composing public statements, and making inbound PR occurs. 


Assuming you need to be among Prowly's writers, start by perusing the rules. You can likewise present your pitch utilizing the contact structure on this page. 

Prowly has a choice to pitch your title and framework before you compose, which I observe to be exceptionally helpful. 

Generally, they acknowledge articles somewhere in the range of 1,500 and 4,000 words. It's likewise prescribed to do watchword exploration and add it to the pitch. 

The rules page likewise traces the points which are in need. The page gets refreshed, so check before you pitch. 

29. Postfity 

What They Want 

Postfity is an online media scheduler for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. 

The ideal interest group is private companies. 

The essential concentration here is the manner by which to do online media marketing on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/LinkedIn better – quicker, less expensive, and with better outcomes. 


The blog has severe standards on what to do to get distributed. 

Adhere to the bit by bit directions on the Guest Rules Page. You need to begin with pitching the title first straightforwardly to Anna. 

30. DigitalNovas 

What They Want 

DigitalNovas is a blog that covers points around digital marketing, SEO, or outsourcing. 

You are free to send tries out with post thoughts regarding contributing to a blog, copywriting, content creation, content marketing, powerhouse marketing, and web-based media. 


Try out 3 to 5 thoughts for posts before you compose. 

Adhere to the guidelines illustrated on the page Write for us. 

31. Userpilot 

What They Want 

Userpilot assists customers with further developing client reception and commitment. 

The item assists with building context oriented item encounters dependent on conditions like client persona or phase of the excursion. 

Your smartest choice will be any title around UX, item development, or client achievement contextual investigations. Peruse their rules to find out additional. 


Go through as of late distributed presents on comprehend the subjects that have as of late been acknowledged. 

Contact Emilia Korczynska straightforwardly. 

32. ContactPigeon 

What They Want 

ContactPigeon gives customers omnichannel marketing computerization instruments. 

The help gives web based business advertisers admittance to arrangements they need for client acquisitions and maintenance. 

Any themes identified with retail, developing deals, web based business personalization and investigation, retargeting are focal points for the blog. 


On the off chance that you have any contextual investigations or tips on the most proficient method to develop the business in design, travel, food, and staple goods verticals – go ahead and connect utilizing the Write for us page. 

The base necessities are 1,000 words long, with 1-3 connects to pertinent assets and models. 

33. SEO Butler 

What They Want 

Search engine optimization Butler gives SEO administrations to your marketing needs, which incorporates content composition, official statements, and visitor posts. 

The blog covers subjects around website streamlining and digital marketing. 


Examples of overcoming adversity and contextual investigations are exceptionally famous on this blog. 

To present your visitor post thought, fill in their contact structure. 

34. ReferralCandy 

What They Want 

ReferralCandy is a product as-a-administration (SaaS) firm that permits any online business store to make a reference program. 

The organization clients can share an outside reference with their companions, and for each new buy, both the client and their companion get rewards – limits, money, or uncommon gifts. 

Their crowd are technically knowledgeable web based business proprietors and business visionaries. On the off chance that you have a suitable point for them, go ahead and connect. 


Try out 3-5 thoughts for a future article before you compose. 

The pitch ought to incorporate the title and a theoretical that traces the text. 

Connect with messages recorded on the Guest Post Guidelines page or contact Eleanor Tay. 

35. CandyBar

What They Want 

Treat is a prizes program for storekeepers. 

The CandyBar blog covers the steadfastness program tips and deceives for little and medium-sized organizations. 

On the off chance that you have any contextual analyses around taking clients back to the stores for the second and third time, go ahead and connect. 


Confection is a sister venture to ReferralCandy, thus tips are comparative. Test out your thought before you compose and connect with Eleanor Tay. 

36. Content Marketing Institute 

What They Want 

Content Marketing Institute is the across the board digital marketing center that has acquired expert in its industry by distributing excellent examination and studies. 

In this way, be prepared – your pitch will be totally investigated and evaluated. Yet, on the off chance that it traverses, you'll have a chance to turn into a distributed creator on quite possibly the most solid marketing website. 


CMI's rules don't contrast from some other blog, yet it just acknowledges articles that current novel experiences that (ideally) haven't been shared elsewhere previously. 

Additionally, here's the place where you can apply the substance hole investigation we've discussed before. 

37. Online Media Examiner 

What They Want 

On the off chance that web-based media marketing is your favorite thing in the world, this is an ideal asset for you. 

Web-based Media Examiner is one of the greatest web based marketing networks, and getting distributed there will give an extraordinary lift to your composing profession. 


Web-based media marketing is a somewhat broad theme, so Social Media Examiner inclines toward articles on how little and medium-sized organizations influence online media stages. 

You can check more insights concerning subjects and organizing in the visitor post rules. 

It's additionally a smart thought to interface with Kim Darosett, who's the senior manager there. 

38. Involve.me 

What They Want 

In case you're nerdy about everything associated with changes and deals pipes, Involve.me is an incredible chance to share your thoughts. 

Everything's with regards to lead age and client onboarding, and its blog covers ventures like internet business, digital marketing, PR, and schooling. 


In its rules, Involve.me calls attention to that all subjects go through endorsement. In this way, concoct a few thoughts and pitch them to the proofreader. 

The article ought to be no under 1000 words. In the event that you have extra inquiries, contact Monika Bencatova. 

39. CoSchedule 

What They Want 

CoSchedule is a digital marketing suite with a marketing schedule, content studio, and other marketing mechanization apparatuses. 

The subjects you'll run over in CoSchedule's blog cover copywriting, content marketing, SEO, and online media. 


The rules determine that CoSchedule just acknowledges instructive how-to posts from visitor creators. It's implied that you shouldn't pitch a point that has effectively been covered. 

You can present your post utilizing this structure, yet get to know visitor post guidelines first. 

40. VWO 

What They Want 

VWO spends significant time in A/B testing. On the off chance that you have any thoughts identified with this point or a contextual analysis to share, your commitment will be highly valued.  

Aside from A/B testing, VWO acknowledges visitor posts about CRO, client commitment, and site insight. 


Assuming you need to remember joins for your article, ensure every one of them have a DA more noteworthy than 70. 

For extra rules, visit VWO's visitor post necessities page. 

41. Wave.video 

What They Want 

Is it true that you are enthusiastic with regards to everything associated with video marketing? Then, at that point, Wave.video is a great open door for you to share your thoughts. 

Wave.video covers all parts of video marketing, from picking the right equipment and programming to bit by bit advisers for video content. 


This blog is truly adaptable as far as subjects, yet the greater part of them have effectively been covered. You need to concoct something really out-of-the-container. 

You can utilize this structure to present your pitch. 

42. Noupe 

What They Want 

Noupe is an information center covering different points for web engineers and originators. There are likewise a significant number articles on creating and running web based business sites. 


On the off chance that you have a contextual analysis or examination to bring to the table, your pitch will just win from it. Noupe is keen on useful counsel and significant how-to tips that offer some incentive. 

You need to show your plan to David Williams, the proofreader at Noupe, by finishing a visitor post application structure. 

43. Lemlist 

What They Want 

Lemlist is about email marketing. 

On the off chance that you have subject thoughts on outreach, cold messages, commitment, changes, and growing an email list, go ahead and share them. 


Your pitch will stick out in the event that you recount an individual example of overcoming adversity. Or then again, in the event that you've mentioned some observable facts with respect to email marketing procedures and apparatuses, your article has every one of the odds of getting included. 

You can track down all the contact data to present your pitch here. 

44. LiveChat 

What They Want 

LiveChat is keen on visitor commitments on the subjects of web based marketing, client support, and accomplice programs. 

This blog is keen on new points of view just, so if your theme covers an all around worn viewpoint, it will not get acknowledged. 


LiveChat anticipates that all guest contributors should uphold their articles with research. It will likewise be a success on the off chance that you incorporate unique visuals. 

Try to peruse the rules prior to presenting your pitch. 

45. G2.com 

What they need 

G2 is a famous site that surveys brands from various businesses – deals, marketing, trade, plan, improvement, HR, and so forth 

Normally, G2's learning center covers an assortment of themes: marketing, deals, HR, security, ERP, IT framework, and the board. 


Your visitor post ought to be no under 2500 words. 

The G2 publication group additionally permits two do-follow joins inside the article. Be that as it may, ensure they don't come from a landing page, a presentation page, a demo, or contain special substance. 

Here is the remainder of the rules and FAQs you can peruse prior to composing a pitch.


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