Top 20 awesome sources of free data analysis


Have valid data sources to pull from for your marketing campaign. Start with these 20 wellsprings of free Data. 

Everybody cherishes free things right? 

You'll discover a lot of free data of fluctuating quality and exactness on the web, yet these twenty (+) sources are generally viewed as very respectable. 

In case you're after strong information to assist with supporting your advanced showcasing and content objectives, look no further. 

1. Google Dataset Search 

This empowers you to look accessible datasets that have been increased appropriately as per the standard. 

Google Datasearch.
Screenshot from, August, 2021

While this could be seen as an all in one resource for datasets that incorporate information from sources like NASA and ProPublica, there are numerous specialty datasets that might be better for specific motivations behind course. 

You're shown the outcomes and every one is interactive to disclose to you the name of the dataset, when it was last refreshed, and a portrayal. 

With specific outcomes, you get more data, for example, the arrangements wherein the dataset is accessible. 

2. Google Trends 

With this apparatus, you can look for catchphrases and see an assortment of data about them, including interest over the long haul, interest by locale, related points, and related inquiries. 

You can choose choices including which country (or around the world) you need to see, tight it down to classifications, or limit your hunt to the entirety of the web, pictures, news, shopping, or YouTube. 

You can likewise contrast your hunt with another point. 

Google Trends.
Screen capture from, August 2021 

3. U.S. Statistics Bureau 

This site permits you to get data identified with populace, the economy, and topography. You can peruse by subject or search. 

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US Census
Screen capture from, August 2021 

4. The Official Portal for European Data 

Accessible information incorporates geology, finance, insights, political race results, legitimate demonstrations, and data on wrongdoing, transport, wellbeing, the climate, and science research. 

This stage is accessible and browseable. 

Screen capture from, August 2021 

5. U.S. 

The home of the U.S. government's open information, this site permits admittance to data about an assortment of themes given by bureaucratic, state, nearby, and ancestral governments. 

Data gov
Screen capture from, August 2021 

6. U.K. 

Like the U.S's., this site permits admittance to U.K. information on an assortment of points. 

Information is given by focal government, nearby specialists, and public bodies. 

DataGov UK
Screen capture from, August 2021

7) Health data

Accessible points incorporate issues like general wellbeing (particularly useful for COVID information), clinical gadgets, ecological wellbeing, substance misuse, psychological well-being, and others. 

Health Data
Screen capture from, August 2021 

8. The World Factbook 

Containing data on 267 world substances, this is a mother lode of information that is refreshed week by week with data about the world. 

You can choose a nation to view and afterward click on whatever subject you (like Economy or Transportation, for instance). The site is likewise accessible. 

Screen capture from TheWorldFactbook,, August 2021


9. Altmetric 

Altmetric offers some paid plans however they have a valuable arrangement of the main 100 most referenced articles across 20 trains that have been distributed in a year, as well. 

2020 is the most recent yet there are sets returning to 2013. They likewise offer a couple of free instruments. 

Screen capture from, August 2021 

10. Open Corporates 

The biggest open data set of organizations on the planet, Open Corporates gives you admittance to data about near 200 million organizations. 

You can look by organizations or officials and cutoff your purview in the event that you need to. 

They likewise offer an API and mass information plan. 

Open Corp.
Screen capture from, August 2021


11. Public Center for Environmental Information 

This covers geophysical, barometrical, and maritime information. They are right now the world's biggest supplier of environment and climate data. 

They likewise give connects to more established apparatuses that may not presently be accessible on the site yet live somewhere else. 

Screen capture from, August 2021 

12. Informational indexes SubReddit 

You do need to join yet it's free. Here, you can look for datasets and discover individuals giving data and mentioning it. 

Reddit, as a general rule, is additionally an incredible spot to search for data and see what's moving. 

Screen capture from, August 2021 

13. Kaggle Data Sets 

Kaggle at present has more than 100,000 datasets. 

You can discover information on anything from well known notorious ladies to Los Angeles stopping references. 

Screen capture from, August 2021 

14. Earth Data by NASA 

The Earth Observing System Data and Information System contains NASA's earth perception information, which incorporates realities, for example, land surface temperature in a particular region and carbon motion. 

Screen capture from, August 2021 

15. Pew Internet 

In case you're searching for sociological information, Pew Research is an incredible source. There are some intriguing articles that you can discover by perusing around, as well. 

You do have to join to see and download datasets yet it's free. 

Screen capture from, August 2021 

16. Communities for Disease Control and Prevention 

Covering wellbeing subjects recorded in the picture beneath, this site gives you admittance to an inconceivable measure of information that is browseable and accessible. 

You can even make your own separated datasets through different theme related gateways. 

Screen capture from, August 2021 

17. Bureau of Labor Statistics 

Here, you can discover information about work market action, working conditions, and value changes in our economy. 

Screen capture from, August 2021 

18. FiveThirtyEight 

They have information on governmental issues, sports, science and wellbeing, financial aspects, and culture. 

This site likewise urges you to make stories and perceptions utilizing their information. 

Five Thirty Eight

Screen capture from, August 2021 

19. Group Lens 

Group Lens has a few accessible datasets (recorded beneath in the picture) that are valuable for more specialty projects. Some datasets are longer than 10 years old. 

You can get a ton of data on books and movies here. 

Group Lens.
Screen capture from, August 2021 

20. GitHub's BuzzFeed News 

This one gives you information from Buzzfeed. Assuming you need data about the political decision cycle or phony news, this current one's intended for you. 


Screen capture from, August 2021 

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