Top 5 Best SEO Tools Introduced by Google

Surpass search Performance objectives with these 5 Google apparatuses that assist publisher with diagnosing issues and further develop rankings. 

top SEO Tools introduced by google

Google offers a continually refreshed set-up of Tools that are valuable for SEO. 

These Tools assist distributers with understanding why a page is failing to meet expectations and guide them with explicit guidance for further developing website page execution to rank better. 

Here are Google's main five SEO Tools. 

1. Google Lighthouse 

Google lighthouse is a site page execution improvement device that is incorporated into each program that depends on Chrome. The device is open inside the Chrome Dev Tools Panel. 

Different Ways to Access the Google Lighthouse Tool 

  • On a Windows machine, press the F12 work button. 
  • On Windows or Mac right-click the page and pick "Inspect" then, at that point pick the "Lighthouse" tab. 
  • On Mac press: Command+Option+C 
  • On Windows, Linux, and Chrome OS press: Control+Shift+C 
  • In Chrome, click the 3-dot menu on the upper right corner then, at that point, More Tools > Developer Tools 

Step by Step of How to access Google Lighthouse on Chrome browser.
Screenshot from Google Search, August 2021
Screenshot of Lighthouse within the Chrome Dev Tools panel.
Screenshot from Chrome Dev Tools, August 2021

Lighthouse Offers 5 Feedback Categories 

It as of now gives five classes of SEO execution criticism: 


2)progressive Web App. 

3)Best Practices. 



While openness isn't totally a SEO-related measurement, it is identified with acceptable client experience for impaired site guests. 

Utilizing the input from these five classifications will assist with further developing the inquiry perceivability of most website pages. 

The SEO segment of Lighthouse gives 10 marks of input on factors that matter for Google. 

A few Metrics Chrome Lighthouse Reports On 

  • Viewport Meta Tag. 
  • Title Element. 
  • Meta Description. 
  • HTTP Status Code. 
  • Graphic Text on Links. 
  • Page Status for Successful Crawling and Indexing. 
  • Approves Hreflang. 
  • Approves rel=canonical.
  • Check mobile-friendliness 
  • Checks portable tap targets. 
  • Checks if archive dodges program modules for review. 
  • Actually takes a look at slithering and ordering. 
  • Genuinely looks at the Robots.txt. 
  • Checks if the page sends a fruitful HTTP status code.
Why You Should Use Lighthouse SEO Tool

I will not deny it, Lighthouse is a lightweight site audit apparatus. 

Yet, it's a significant site survey device since it addresses Google's assessment of 10 measurements you ought to be taking a gander at. 

Assuming Google feels that these measurements are significant, you ought to, as well. 

To benefit as much as possible from this instrument, make certain to look at A Technical SEO Guide to Lighthouse Performance Metrics. 

2. Test My Site 

Google's Test My Site examining tool offers two measurements: 

1)Assessed Loading time on a 4G versatile organization. 

Google Mobile Speed Test Recommendation.
Screenshot of Test My Site, August 2021

2)Proposals for accelerating the site. 

It's a decent beginning stage for getting a general image of portable streamlining. 

The apparatus likewise offers to email a full report containing ideas for accelerating the tried site page. 

Why You Should Use Test My Site 

You can get comparative data by utilizing Page Speed Insights. 

In any case, the Test My Site tool gives the data in a straightforward way that is simple for non-engineer partners to acquire a comprehension of what might not be right with the Mobile site Performance. 

However it's likewise useful for engineers to get a fast outline, too. 

Assuming you need granular insights regarding what necessities fixing, then, at that point head over to Google's Page Speed Insights. 

3. Page Speed Insights 

Page Speed Insights is the apparatus that gives lab Core Web Vitals Performance scores. 

Center Web Vitals are significant measurements made by Google to address what a client experience on a page is. 

This data is significant on the grounds that fixing the featured issues will further develop SEO, deals transformations, promotion clicks, and (if fruitful in fixing execution bottlenecks) give a little positioning element help. 

This online apparatus gives particulars on the thing is causing the lull and gives ideas for how to fix the issues. 

It tells which scripts and templates are dialing back the website, which pictures are too large, and offers various different tips for accelerating influenced site pages. 

Why You Should Use Page Speed Insights 

Page Speed Insights not just offers valuable answers for stowed away specialized issues affecting page speed, yet it is likewise an asset for realizing what those issues are. 

Each featured issue connects to a Google Developers page that offers more top to bottom foundation data and an explainer of how to fix the issues. 

4. Safe Browsing Test 

Google Crawls billions of pages each day to check for malware. This Tool reports in case there is any malware on a site. 

The device additionally gives the date to the last time the site was checked for malware. 

A few locales are tried more frequently than others. 

Why You Should Use the Safe Browsing Test Tool 

Many individuals don't consider site security a SEO issue. 

Yet, site security rapidly turns into a SEO issue when Google begins dropping URLs from its file in light of the fact that the site is hacked. 

That is the reason site security ought to be viewed as a piece of SEO. Inability to get a site can seriously influence search visibility. 

5. Google Trends 

Google Trends gives data about catchphrase fame and furthermore fragments the data by time and geology. 

The time portion can give you a thought of what seasons might mean for catchphrases. It can likewise show you if a watchword is losing notoriety. 

On the off chance that you see a descending pattern in a watchword, this could show that an item or pattern is making searchers lose interest in that inquiry. 

Why You Should Use Google Trends 

Google Trends is likewise significant for serious exploration. It shows you how regularly individuals are looking through Google with a contender's image name. 

The pattern line by time will show you how consistent this pattern is – in case it's going up, down, or consistent. 

Clearly, a contender pattern line that is moving down is acceptable. A pattern line that is moving up is terrible. 

A pattern line that is consistent (the most well-known) implies a contender is progressing admirably and you'll need to recognize their shortcomings and make those your qualities – among numerous contemplations. 

Utilize Google's SEO Tools to Improve Rankings, Visibility, and User Experience 

While SEO experts will in general take quite a bit of what Google says regarding what helps rankings (or not) with a solid portion of incredulity, it would be absurd not to exploit the apparatuses it has on offer. 

In these devices, you can see precisely the thing Google is searching for in a quality website, site page, and client experience. 

Utilize this for your potential benefit to upgrade as near Google's (and your crowd's) assumptions as could be expected.


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